Crossbow shooting on steel plates

The crossbow used in that funny experiment is a cranequin crossbow with around 300 pounds of pressure. In fact, I made a cranequin for that crossbow only for the coolness factor, because with 300 pounds of pressure, it still could be reloaded with a goat foot lever. I shot on mild steel and 1050 steel plates. The 1050 steel plates are not tempered. I used the same bolt for every shot but I used two differents bolt heads: one forged from a mild steel piece and the other forged from a leaf spring piece(i think it’s made of 5160 steel???).

UPDATE: I used another bolt with a mild steel bolt head to shoot on a german sallet. The german sallet is raised in mild steel and have been case hardened. The hardness of this helmet is supposed to be 35-40 Rc. The visor was made of 14ga steel.


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